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Контейнерные грузоперевозки из Китая в Россию от двери до двери  

Cooperation with furniture manufacturers and suppliers

   SK-Inter Group of companies greets you and invites for cooperation.

   Having 10 years work experience in the sphere of foreign trade activities now we are engaged in the development of a new area of our business: import of furniture and other products for interior decoration from China to Russia.

   We work both with retail and wholesale orders, selling products and services to individual persons and cooperating with companies (design agencies, furniture salons, etc.). We are interested in products of different styles and price categories. Our retail customers primarily buy furniture for living quarters and wholesale orders are typically focused on equipping public spaces (hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, offices, etc.).

   We work with all regions of Russia and the basic geography of our supplies includes the following cities: Moscow, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk.

   We will be glad to offer your products to our customers and we will be pleased to have you as our permanent business partners.

   To start cooperation, please, send us catalogs with your products to our e-mail. Please, indicate code numbers (articles) of your products and, if possible, specify prices. When we have requests from our clients, we will contact to you for confirming the price and other conditions. In the near future we intend to expand the promotion campaign of advancement our sales of furniture in Russia.

   Our company provides a full range of services to import furniture and other goods for interior and exterior to Russia: export customs clearance in China, sea freight from China to Russia, customs clearance in Russia, transportation of import cargoes by railway throughout Russia.

   The head office of our company is located in Russia, in Vladivostok city (in mainland China, it is known by the transliteration Fúlādíwòsītuōkè (符拉迪沃斯托克) although its traditional Chinese name Hǎishēnwǎi (海參崴)). Vladivostok is Russia's largest port city on the Pacific Ocean. Here begins the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest in the world. The city is also an important air crossroad. Vladivostok is located less than 100 km east the Chinese border. Direct distance from Vladivostok to Beijing - 1,331 km.

   Our Russian representatives work in Beijing, they speak Chinese and English.

   Please, send your offers to our e-mail: partnership@sk-intercom.ru

   Our contact phone in Beijing: 15911185656 (Alexander, speaks Chinese).


Thank you for your attention and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.

Best regards,

SK-Inter Group, Russia.

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